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Do you hate making frames? Then look no further!

These fully assembled brood frame come with wax foundation and is ready for your use. These are the self spacing DN4 frames. I am selling in packs of 11 so you get the right amount for your national hive! I understand they're the correct frames for WBC too but I've never used a WBC.

The frames are hand made using nails and a hammer not machine assembled. They are thorn seconds frames but if you buy I will make sure you get the best frames from over 400 I have in stock for my own use! The wax is wired and bought from Bee Equipment. 

The frames are already made but all the wax is still sealed up to ensure it is as fresh as possible when I put it into the frames for you. Therefore please allow me up to 48 hours for postage to allow me to put the wax into the frame.


If you would like any further information, or have any questions please contact me directly.  By buying this product you are helping me start my small business and supporting a fellow beekeeper.


Please follow me on Instagram via @sageandbellflowerhoneybees


Thank you for supporting my small business.



11 Assembled Bee Hive Brood Frames

  • We’re very lucky to live in the Lincolnshire Wolds and are surrounded by rolling hills and an abundance of nature. We have dogs, chickens and grow lots of flowers, vegetables and herbs. It seemed only natural the next step into our countryside journey was to become beekeepers.


    Although relatively new to beekeeping, we have been guided by an expert who has well over 20 years’ experience keeping bees. Our bees are kept close by surrounded by hedgerows and farmers fields, which gives them an abundance of gorgeous flowers to collect their nectar from and turn it into fragrant, natural honey.


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