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Why Adopt a Hive?


One of the reasons we wanted to become beekeepers and help to raise awareness about bees is because.....


The number of British bees has declined by nearly 70% in the last century.


We are hoping over the next 5 years to have 100 hives and support the bees in the Lincolnshire Wolds.


Our bee mission is to share with you how bees support our eco system, how fascinating these wonderful creatures are and how you too can help save the bees.


What better way to do that then asking you to adopt one of our hives:


Who can adopt a hive?


We realise many people love bees and want to do their bit to conserve bees and our environment, but don't have the space, time or know where to site a hive.


If this sounds like you, then this scheme is exclusively for you! You will be able to subscribe for a one-off fee or a small monthly payment to 'adopt a hive'.


This would also make a wonderful gift to bee lovers, eco champions and people who are passionate about nature.


What is included?


The adoption will include updates on your hive, a welcome letter, adoption certificate, honey and aromatherapy products made by your bees, then sent direct to your door.


You have chosen the Worker Bee package.


In the Worker Bee package you will receive:


Monthly updates sent via email, and the following:


Month 1

  • Welcome letter
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Picture of the hive
  • Detailed description of the hive
  • Sample honey
  • List of products


Month 2

  • Sample size box of Sage and Bellflower products. i.e. Lip Balm, Seed Balls.


Month 4

  • Full size Honey


Month 6

  • Sample size box of Sage and Bellflower products. i.e. Lip Balm, Seed Balls.


Month 8

  • Full size Honey


Month 10

  • Full size Sage and Bellflower product.


Month 12

  • Full Size Honey


Why do we need bees?


Where to begin! Bees are so important for so many reasons. They and other pollinators such as butterflies, help plants to grow and to breed. They pollinate many of the food that we eat and many of the plants we use as medicine. Many UK farmers reply on bees to pollinate their produce, which in turn we eat. In a world without bees its possible we would not survive.


What about the honey bee?


There are over 270 species of bees in the UK, but there is only 1 honey bee, but they don’t just bring us honey, they also pollinate flowers, plants and help with the biodiversity of our planet. The honey bee is one in a million (well 270!).


Adopting a hive will not only help us to reach our target of 100 hives, it will also help to protect our bees and in turn our planet.


For more information, please contact Nick.


We also offer 3 more Adopt a Hive packages. To find out more, please browse our shop.


Love Kirsty and Nick x


Adopt a Hive: Worker Bee Package

Price Options
One-time purchase
Adopt a Hive: Worker
£6.99every month for 12 months
  • We’re very lucky to live in the Lincolnshire Wolds and are surrounded by rolling hills and an abundance of nature. We have dogs, chickens and grow lots of flowers, vegetables and herbs. It seemed only natural the next step into our countryside journey was to become beekeepers.


    Although relatively new to beekeeping, we have been guided by an expert who has well over 20 years’ experience keeping bees. Our bees are kept close by surrounded by hedgerows and farmers fields, which gives them an abundance of gorgeous flowers to collect their nectar from and turn it into fragrant, natural honey.


    As an aromatherapist I will also be using the beeswax to create more aromatic and plant powered products to help heal and bring a little bit of happiness, thanks to our beautiful bees.

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