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Welcome to Sage and Bellflower Honey Bees

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Our Bee Story

We are extremely lucky to live in the Lincolnshire Wolds and are surrounded by an abundance of rolling, hills and nature.

We are both passionate about nature and we both have always wanted to keep bees. In 2022 we took the plunge and began our journey as beekeepers.

Nick: A countryman all his life. Once a gamekeeper he is now a beekeeper. What started as a hobby is now a passion and a small business. Nick is the more hands on beekeeper. He spends a lot of time researching and learning how best to look after our honey bees. He also makes his own hives and is the main honey extractor!

Kirsty: A qualified aromatherapist who wanted to become a beekeeper due to her love of nature and how nature can help to heal us both physically and mentally. As an aromatherapist, Kirsty creates products using the beeswax from our bees and also shares her love of plants and of course bees.

Our Bee Mission 

to share with you how bees support our eco system, how fascinating these wonderful creatures are and how you too can help save the bees.

Bee Facts

One of the reasons we wanted to become beekeepers and help to raise

awareness about bees is because.....

1. The number of British beehives has declined by nearly 70% in the last century.

2. 3 out of 4 crops which product food for us to eat are dependant on    pollinators. 

3. It takes 12 bees their entire lifetime to create 1 teaspoon of honey.

4. Bees will fly up to 3 miles from a hive to find a source of nectar.

5. A single honey bee can visit around 7,000 flowers per day.

Adopt a Hive

We realise many people love bees and want to do their bit to conserve bees and our environment, but don't have the space, time or know where to site a hive. This scheme is exclusively for you! You will be able to subscribe for a small monthly payment to 'adopt a hive'. Your adoption will include updates on your hive, a welcome letter, adoption certificate, honey and aromatherapy products made by your bees, then sent direct to your door.

We offer 4 Adopt a Hive Packages. To find out more please click on each package:

Pollen Bee Package

Worker Bee Package

Drone Bee Package

Queen Bee Package


We offer workshops to learn all about honey bees, the plants they take pollen and nectar from and how we look after our bees. To find out more about our workshops please head to our dedicated workshop page.

Assembled Bee Hive Brood Frames

Do you hate making frames? Then look no further. We have fully assembled frames with wax foundation and ready for your use. To find out more head to our shop 


Throughout the spring and summer months our bees are busy collecting nectar from a diverse mix of and hedgerows and wildflowers around the Lincolnshire Wolds. The result of their hard work is beautiful floral honey. We sell the honey in small quantities as we are ethical beekeepers and always make sure we leave enough honey for our bees to feed on. To see our honey and honey gift boxes, please view our shop.

Aromatherapy Products

As well as producing delicious honey, the bees also produce beeswax which Kirsty turns into  variety of aromatherapy balms. From gorgeous lip balms, to buttery balms to help heal hardworking hands. We even have a balm to help heal bee and other stings. As beekeepers we can confirm the Stings no More balm works! Pop across to the Sage and Bellflower Shop to discover an aromatherapy product to help you.

Coming Soon......

Buy your own Colony of  Bees

Do you want to become beekeepers? We will shortly be offering your choice of a start up colony, known as a Nuc or a full size colony in a National beehive. 

We realise that becoming a beekeeper may be daunting, but for the price of a hive we will include 6 coaching sessions. These sessions can be virtual or in person, depending on the location.

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Interested in taking part in one of our workshops, would like to know more about our honey or have a general bee related question? Please contact Nick via:

Mobile: 07903431013

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