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My Background

In 2018 I took an opportunity to follow my dream of moving to the countryside. I moved to Lincolnshire and threw myself into country life.​ I began foraging, started keeping chickens and spent much of my time, when not at work, walking in the countryside with my dog Robyn.

For over 20 years and to help me with my mental health, I have been passionate in learning about holistic health from meditation, to yoga, reiki, or crystals. I’ve always been fascinated in this form of healing.

I soon found that when I combined my love of nature and holistic healing my mental health started to improve. My daily meditations and my mindful walks in nature led me to wanting to pursue a career, combining nature and holistic healing. Having worked in the public sector for 17 years I have also had a strong desire in wanting to still be able to help people.

After a bit of soul searching (and Googling) I came across aromatherapy and I knew this was the direction I wanted to take. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts, in the form of essential oils to improve the health of your body, mind and spirit. Perfect!

As an aromatherapist I am extremely passionate about supporting people with their mental health and wellbeing, through aromatherapy and nature.

Sine qualifying as an aromatherapist I have continued my professional development and completed the following courses:

Aromatherapy for Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Aromatherapy for Hormones, Menopause and Essential Oils.


My Approach


I offer an aromatherapy massage mobile service, in Lincolnshire, bringing you total relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you need support physically, mentally, or both an aromatherapy massage can help. I use the wonderful plant power of essential oils and tailor my oil blends to support you with your needs. View my treatment page to find out how an aromatherapy massage can support you. 

I sell aromatherapy products with mental health in mind. For more information, please head to my shop.

I also deliver a variety of workshops to honour Sage & Bellflowers core values of supporting mental health, showing the healing powers of nature and combining the two through aromatherapy. View my workshops page to find out what workshops I offer.

Nature is truly inspiring...

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