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Workshops & Events

Sage and Bellflower offer a variety of workshops and events centred around aromatherapy, foraging and nature.

Our core values and vision for Sage and Bellflower is to showcase how beautiful and healing nature is, support mental health and combine the two through aromatherapy.

Taking part in a workshop or booking Sage and Bellflower to design a workshop for your business or charity is the perfect way to embrace nature, learn more about the healing benefits of aromatherapy and enjoy creating gorgeous aromatherapy products.

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Current Workshops 

The Bloom Workshop

An online workshop

15th May 2024 from 6pm to 7pm

Bloom: (Noun) A beautiful process of becoming.

The Bloom workshop is an interactive aromatherapy workshop in which we will explore how aromatherapy your mental wellbeing. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, or other mental health disorder this workshop may be for you.

Throughout, this one-hour workshop you will discover:

•              The contributing factors to mental health disorders.

•              Symptoms of a mental health issues.

•              How aromatherapy can support mental wellbeing.

•              The best essential oils for a variety of mental health disorders.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to capture the properties and the smell of various plants, trees and flowers. Essential oils are quite literally plant magic.

You will receive an aromatherapy gift box to use during the workshop with:

•              Mini bottles of essential oils to smell and to use.

•              Items to make your very own gorgeous aromatherapy product.

•              A 100ml bottle of Sage and Bellflower’s Meditation Mist.

•              A short meditation to end the session using your chosen Meditation Mist.

•              A sample or two of some of Sage and Bellflowers products.

•              Recipe cards to make items using the mini bottles of essential oils.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a deeper understanding of how aromatherapy can support you with your mental well-being.

To book or find out more information click here: The Bloom Workshop

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Previous Workshops

Mires Beck Nursery Workshops


In August 2023 I attended Mires Beck Nursery over 2 days to deliver 4 aromatherapy workshops to some of the staff and volunteers who work at this award-winning garden nursery.

Mires Beck Nursery has a huge variety of flowers and herbs, and I designed a bespoke workshop to incorporate the flowers and herbs the volunteers work with.

The workshops included:

  • What is aromatherapy.

  • How can aromatherapy support your mental health.

  • Herb Garden and Flower Essential Oils.

  • Guess the Herb Garden Essential Oils through smell.

  • The making of an aromatherapy product to take home.

Mires Beck has been a registered charity since 1994. They provide work experience and social therapeutic horticulture for adults who live with the challenges of learning difficulties, Autism, and physical disabilities at their 14-acre nursery and conservation site. To find out more about the amazing work Mires Beck do please head to their website.

NAViGO Foraging and Aromatherapy workshops.


In May 2023 to August 2023 I ran an 8 weeks foraging and aromatherapy workshop for NAViGO.

Each week the workshop changed and we did a variety of activities, including:

  • The importance of trees and how tree essential oils can support your mental health.

  • Spring Foraging and the making of a spring inspired aromatherapy product.

  • Self Care and Mental Wellbeing aromatherapy session.

The workshops were free to people living in the North East Lincolnshire area. To  find out more about all the amazing work NAViGO do, please head across to the NAViGO website.

Green Social Prescribing Workshops


A 6 week Foraging and Aromatherapy workshop for NAViGO and funded by Hey Smile Foundation took place over December 2022 to February 2023

I designed a 6-week course for NAViGO to support people living in Northeast Lincolnshire who have experienced anxiety, depression or low mood.

Each week the attendees took part in a 2 hour workshop and a range of activities, before making an aromatherapy product to help them with their mental health. Example of these workshops, included:

Yule and Christmas Workshop

  • How aromatherapy can support you through the stresses of Christmas

  • Recipes and blends to help your mental health, from supporting you with feelings of loneliness, to anxiety or insomnia.

  • The making of a rollerball with pre-created blends to support their mental health.

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Grow your own aromatherapy products!

  • Learning which herbs and flowers used in aromatherapy which can be grown in your garden and how they can support your mental health.

  • Showcasing and smelling the essentials oils of the herbs and flowers you can grow in your garden.

  • How you can transform your homegrown plants into infusions, teas and balms.

  • Seeds, compost, and pots to be taken home to begin growing your aromatherapy garden.


How aromatherapy can support seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

  • What is SAD and how aromatherapy can help.

  • A walk around a nearby park to spend time in nature and get some much-needed vitamin D, which we lack during the winter months.

  • An in depth look and smelling of the best essential oils to support SAD.

  • The making of an uplifting product to help beat the winter blues.

Aromatherapy for Mental Health Workshop

In February 2023, January 2023 and October 2022 I attended NAViGO to present a talk and workshop on how aromatherapy can support your mental health. This included:

  • What is mental health and the importance of mental wellness.

  • How aromatherapy can support your mental health.

  • The opportunity to take a closer look and smell essential oils.

  • Make a product and receive a booklet with recipes and blends to support your mental health.

Aromatherapy for the Menopause and Hormones

On World Menopause Day I attended an event at NAViGO. My role during the event was to present a talk over two sessions on how Aromatherapy can support you through the menopause. Throughout the talk I discussed:

  • How aromatherapy can support you through the perimenopause.

  • The top 5 essential oils to help you through.

  • Make your own peppermint cooling spray at home to help with hot flushes.

  • A booklet with information and guidance to take away.

Introduction to Foraging, Aromatherapy and Mindfulness

In November and November 2022, I created 4 taster sessions to introduce people to the joy of foraging and aromatherapy. In these sessions we looked at:

  • Foraging toolkit and etiquette.

  • A walk around a local park to look at the trees and plants which can be foraged for food or medicinal properties.

  • Introduction to aromatherapy and mindfulness

  • An aromatherapy product with the foraged items discussed for attendees to take home.

*The above is an example of some of the workshops, events and taster sessions provided Sage and Bellflower.

How to get involved

I will share any upcoming workshops on this webpage, newsletter or via my social media. You can find me on Instagram @sageandbellflower

Businesses and Charities 

As a qualified aromatherapist who specialises in aromatherapy for mental health, the menopause, and hormones, I offer a range of workshops at a competitive price. Each workshop, taster session or talk will be tailored to you and your business or charity. Please contact me for further information.

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