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To celebrate Earth Day, we wanted to create a sustainable product which helps our planet and our awesome bees… Ta Da! Introducing the ‘Grow your Own Bee Flower Garden’.


We love our honeybees here, but also want to help protect all bees. By growing bee friendly flowers we can help our bees to thrive. We also love a little bit of mindfulness meditation and what better way to stay in the moment as you wait for your seedlings to emerge then painting a rock bee to add into your garden!


Keep yourself or the kids entertained by growing flowers and painting bees…. The kit is a fun and thoughtful gift for kids, big kids, nature lovers and environmentalist.


Everything you need to grow your flowers and paint the rocks are included in the box and not a bit of plastic is in sight!


Inside your fun bee flower box, you will find:

5 x Packets of bee friendly seeds: Borage, Calendula,

      Cornflower, Cosmos, Ox-Eye Daisy.

5 x Biodegradable plant pot

5 x Compost discs

5 x Wooden plant marker

1 x Cute painted rock bee to add to your garden

2 x Rocks so you can paint your very own bee

3 x Paints in an aluminium tin: Black, Yellow & White

2 x Wooden paint brushes.


Bee Friendly Seeds

To grow your very own flower bee garden we have included 5 different types of seeds (Borage, Calendula, Cornflower, Cosmos, Ox-Eye Daisy) known to attract many species of bees and other pollinators such as butterflies.


Biodegradable Pots and Compost Discs

Here at Sage and Bellflower Honeybees we are very conscious of environmental issues and do try to stay away from plastics whenever possible. Included in your bee flower garden box are biodegradable pots and peat free compost. Planting for the environment!



  • Soak your compost discs in the plants pots at least 1 hour before sowing seeds. The compost will grow to half the size of your pots.


Paint a Rock Bee

As well as the wooden plant markers we thought it would be fun to add a rock painted bee to your garden. Think of it as the first bee to visit your pretty garden. To see how to do it we’ve painted you a bee. You have all the bits you need to create your own: Non-toxic paint, rocks and wooden paint brushes. Please send us a pic of your bee so we can see it and share it on our socials. We can’t wait to see it!


Tips for painting your bee.


  • Paint the whole rock with the yellow paint using the big brush and let it dry.
  • Paint 3 stripes of black onto the rock with your smaller brush and let it dry.
  • Add the antenna of your bees onto your rock.
  • Next paint 2 wings on your bee with the white paint.
  • Turn your brush upside down and dip the end in the white paint 2 make the eyes. The end of the brush is round and makes great eyes!
  • Once the eyes are dry. Use your small brush once more by dipping the tip into the black paint to finish the eyes.
  • Your bee is now ready to add into your bee flower garden when it has grown.


Note: The paint used in a non-toxic acrylic. Eventually it will fade if left outside but this is awesome as you can repaint it!


Safety Warning:  

Contains small seeds. Not suitable for children under 3 years. To be used under direct supervision of an adult. Seeds are not to be consumed. The paint is non toxic, but may cause an allergic reaction.


Our packaging is recyclable, and no plastic packaging is used.


There are over 270 species of bees in the UK they pollinate flowers, plants and help with the biodiversity of our planet. Bees are amazing!


For more information, please contact Nick.


Love Kirsty and Nick x


Thank you for supporting our small business.

Grow your Own Bee Flower Garden

  • We’re very lucky to live in the Lincolnshire Wolds and are surrounded by rolling hills and an abundance of nature. We have dogs, chickens and grow lots of flowers, vegetables and herbs. It seemed only natural the next step into our countryside journey was to become beekeepers.


    Although relatively new to beekeeping, we have been guided by an expert who has well over 20 years’ experience keeping bees. Our bees are kept close by surrounded by hedgerows and farmers fields, which gives them an abundance of gorgeous flowers to collect their nectar from and turn it into fragrant, natural honey.


    As an aromatherapist I will also be using the beeswax to create more aromatic and plant powered products to help heal and bring a little bit of happiness, thanks to our beautiful bees.

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