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Our bees have been busy this summer collecting nectar taken from a diverse mix of wildflowers and hedgerows around the Lincolnshire Wolds and have made a beautiful, fragrant summer honey.


During the summer months honeybees collect nectar from a huge variety of flowers. This floral honey could include nectar collected from Bramble flowers, Borage, Daisies, Evening Primrose, Linden Tree Blossom, Mullein, Poppies, Verbena and Yarrow to name a few!


The honey is presented in a large 8oz, 257g jar. It is unpasteurised, it is gorgeously golden in colour and is runny. A perfect addition to your toast or for baking. I will also include a recipe so you can make (if you want) your very own honey cake.


Item Overview: Our floral honey is collected in small batches from us (very proud beekeepers) and taken direct from the hive. Only dispatched to the United Kingdom from Lincolnshire.


Ingredients: 100% unpasteurised raw Lincolnshire summer honey.


Please note: Natural and raw honey can sometimes turn cloudy or crystallize, this is because it has only been coarse strained so still contains remnants of the different pollens the bees visited throughout the seasons. Our honey may contain pollen particles, but this only helps to show how natural and wonderful our honey is!


Our summer honey is likely to stay runny for longer than our spring honey, due to the nectar collected by the bees. However, if you do need to make your honey runny again, you can heat the jar, but try to keep the temperature of the honey to less than 40 degrees to preserve its gorgeousness.

We love our bees and are ethical beekeepers who always leave enough honey for our bees to enjoy. Our packaging is recyclable, and no plastic packaging is used.


Please reuse and recycle the jar and lid.


If you would like any further information, please contact me directly.


Please follow me on Instagram via @sageandbellflower for how-to's, tips, guides, our beekeeping journey and aromatherapy magic.


Thank you for supporting my small business.

Lincolnshire Summer Honey

  • We’re very lucky to live in the Lincolnshire Wolds and are surrounded by rolling hills and an abundance of nature. We have dogs, chickens and grow lots of flowers, vegetables and herbs. It seemed only natural the next step into our countryside journey was to become beekeepers.


    Although relatively new to beekeeping, we have been guided by an expert who has well over 20 years’ experience keeping bees. Our bees are kept close by surrounded by hedgerows and farmers fields, which gives them an abundance of gorgeous flowers to collect their nectar from and turn it into fragrant, natural honey.


    As an aromatherapist I will also be using the beeswax to create more aromatic and plant powered products to help heal and bring a little bit of happiness, thanks to our beautiful bees.

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