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Item Details: A Bespoke Blend of essential oils, created purely just for you, which is then added into a product to help support you with your health and wellbeing.


This includes: A Consultation via Zoom or telephone (if anyone is a bit of a technophobe). I will ask you questions to help me to create the right type of blend for you. It sounds formal, but its basically a chat to see how aromatherapy can help you and how best to create your very own Aromatherapy blend and product.


Essential oils capture the essence of plant and they capture its properties and scent. Essential oils can support you with many different health problems and common complaints. From anxiety, allergies, arthritis, sprains, coughs, heartburn, menopause, colds. There is a blend waiting to support you.


There are many different ways to receive your very own blend and during the consultation I can discuss some ideas with you. Examples of essential oil blends include:  face creams, pillow sprays, balms, foot scrubs, bath salts, beard oils and lots more gorgeous products.


You can also choose what product you can receive your blend from the following:

1 x pillow or room spray 100ml bottle

1x cream or balm 120ml jar

1 x bath salts 250g pouch


or you can have 2 of the following and you can mix and match:

A cream or balm 60ml

A diffuser blend 5ml

A rollerball 10 ml

Bath salts 100g

An oil blend 10ml (such as a beard oil).


After a follow up email, I will get to creating your Bespoke Blend for your chosen product, which can take up to 5 working day and once ready I will send your parcel to you. As well as your Bespoke Blend I will also include a letter explaining what the ingredients are, instructions and a personal in-depth explanation on why I have picked the essential oils and how they can support you.


To get your very own Bespoke Blend you can either buy it from the Sage and Bellflower shop and I will contact you to arrange a consultation. Alternatively, please go through to the booking section and pick a time which is convenient to you. This will book your consultation and we can begin to find the perfect blend for you.


If you would like The Bespoke Blend as a gift, please go through the booking system and email me to let me know this is intended as a gift and I will arrange to send you a gift card. On receiving the gift card, the receiver can follow the instructions to book their consultation via Sage and Bellflowers website.


Thank you for supporting my small business.

The Bespoke Blend

  • By using essential oils, I can create beautiful bespoke blends just for you. We all have different health and wellbeing needs and as a qualified aromatherapist I can work with you to find the perfect blend for you.

    During a consultation we will discuss many things from how your physical and mental health is, where you are needing support and even what your favourite smells are (a must asked question from any aromatherapist!) and once I have all the information I need, I will begin making your perfect blend.

    Next, we will discuss what product you would like to receive your blend in and I will talk through which I think will be the best product to support you and your needs. Products include, pillow sprays, bath salts, creams, balms and so much more.

    Love Kirsty x

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