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My Simple Balm Recipe

One of the things I love making as an aromatherapist are products such as meditation mists, rollerballs, and balms. A balm is one of the simplest little products to make and I thought I’d share my simple recipe.

Over the last six months I have made numerous balms and added essential oils to help with ailments and to create a beautiful aroma.

Early in the summer and before a camping trip I made a balm to treat nettle, bee and wasp stings by infusing plantain and adding essential oils with antiseptic and insecticide properties.

Next, I made a balm created to help heal bruises by infusing daisies and adding antiseptic and anti-inflammatory essential oils.

At the end of summer I picked and dried the petals of my homegrown marigold’s (Calendula officinalis) before adding them to a sweet almond carrier oil. Once the beautiful infusion was ready I drained the oil through a muslin, to remove the petals and added it to a sterilised, labelled and dated bottle.

I grow many herbs and flowers in my garden which makes it easy for me to pick and infuse into gorgeous oils, but I also like to buy carrier oils such as apricot kernel or jojoba from a supplier to add to my aromatherapy creations.

As we head into our winter months the cold and heating are taking their toll on small patches of psoriasis on my hands. The constant washing and applying of hand-sanitiser because of the pandemic, is drying out my psoriasis making it sore and quite painful. I decided it was time for another balm....

My simple balm recipe:

60ml of an infused / carrier oil

10g beeswax

Up to 15 drops of your chosen essential oil

1. Add the infused / carrier oil into a bain-marie.

2. Add the beeswax and once melted take off the heat. Be careful not to get any water into oil.

3. After 5 minutes add your chosen essential oils before the ointment begins to set.

4. Pour into sterilised jars.

5. Leave to cool and apply as needed.

This recipe will make one 60ml jar or two 30ml jars, which I prefer as they turn into mini balms I can pop into my pocket.

Check out my Instagram account @sageandbellflower for all my balm related posts.

*Disclaimer* The information in this blog post is for educational purposes. It is not a replacement for professional medical advice. As a qualified aromatherapist, please contact me if you have any questions relating to essential oils.

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