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Essential Oils to Enhance your Meditations

I’ve been meditating for many years and more recently I began training to become a meditation teacher. As a very proud aromatherapist I wanted to train in another holistic therapy which compliments aromatherapy.

In mindfulness we often use our 5 senses to help us stay in the moment. What better way to use your sense of smell by breathing in your favourite essential oil or blend!

During one of my meditation sessions someone asked, what they can do if they feel a bit sleepy during their meditation practice after a long day at work. As an aromatherapist my thoughts drifted to essential oils and how uplifting oils would be useful in this scenario.

I thought I would share my knowledge on how aromatherapy can help you become immersed in your meditation.

Benefits of using essential oils for meditation

• You can use their aroma to help anchor you should your mind start wandering.

• Certain oils can help you to breathe deeper and slower.

• You can pick oils depending on what type of meditation you want to do.

• They can help you to relax and prepare you for your meditation.

• As well as using oils for your meditations they can also be tailored to help with your mental wellness. As an example, lavender can help with anxiety and depression. Its also great for balancing or relaxing meditations.

• Essential oils and their aroma can bring back beautiful memories and instantly change our mood. You can use essential oils to transport you to your happy place.

Essential oils for Meditations

Whether you need to feel grounded or need to focus I have a list of oils to help you enhance your practice:

Uplifting Essential Oils

May Chang is known as the oil of tranquillity. An uplifting oil which can also bring a sense of peace into your practice. It also smells like lemon sherbert's!

Mandarin is a sweet-smelling oil. It is soothing and can help you to switch off.

Grapefruit is an energising essential oil with a bright and cheery aroma. It’s a favourite of mine.

Peppermint essential oil helps you to focus and concentrate. Reach for this oil if you are feeling extremely tired, however I wouldn’t recommend using it before bed.

Grounding Essential Oils

Frankincense is one of the best oils for meditation and has been used for centuries. It will help you to breathe slower and deeper.

What better way to feel grounded then using tree essential oils. Pine essential oil can be used to help uplift you, but personally I like to use pine to help me connect with nature and the forest.

Patchouli has a rich and exotic aroma. You may have come across patchouli in incense sticks. It can help to ground and centre your emotions.

Balancing Essential Oils

Geranium with its sweet and floral aroma is beautifully balancing if you are feeling out of sync. A useful oil to help with hormones.

The exotic, floral and intoxicating aroma of ylang ylang is another essential oil known for its feminine empowerment and balancing properties.

Jasmine is a beautiful essential oil, which brings with it a relaxing quality. Jasmine helps to balance your emotions and releases any emotional blockages.

Manifesting Essential Oils

Sweet Orange is a fresh and fruity essential oil, which is bound to make you feel happy and warm. Its uplifting aroma will raise your vibrations and prepare you for your manifestations.

Clary Sage is the oil for clarity. It helps you to discover what you need. It is a hypnotic oil with sedative properties and wonderful for meditations.

Ginger is a strong and warming essential oil. Its actions include, enhancing your energy and it’s spicy, fragrant aroma will help to promote a feeling of wellbeing. A great essential oil to help you to raise your vibrations and get you in the mood to manifest.

Relaxing Essential Oils

Lavender is all about relaxing. A great choice if you need to slow down before your meditation.

Neroli is a gorgeous, floral essential oil and great for meditating. It helps to strengthen mental clarity and bring with it a sense of calmness and peace.

Fill your meditation space with the chocolate and vanilla aroma of benzoin essential oil. As the beautiful aroma drifts towards you breathe in and feel instantly relaxed.

On my next blog post I will share several essential oil recipes and blends to help you to enhance your practice.

Until then, I have several products in my shop to support you in your meditations. I have four Meditation Mists:

I also have the Tranquillity Balm and Imbolc spray to support you in busy moments and to prepare for meditation.

Always check the safety data around essential oils before using. I am always happy to help, please contact me if you have any questions

Love Kirsty x

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