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For the Love of Lavender

My latest collection is based around my love of lavender. As an aromatherapist I have found lavender is one of the best oils to support many mental health disorders. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to base my collection around this gorgeous herb.

When I smell lavender, a distant memory of my Granny always pops in my head. I’m not sure if she had some lavender perfume or perhaps, she kept little sachets of lavender in her draws to keep her clothes smelling fresh. I can’t quite place the memory, but the emotions I get from smelling lavender, makes me feel happy and comforted. I love and miss my Granny very much, which makes it a very welcome memory.

That’s the thing about essential oils, herbs, or plants. They reach our subconscious via our olfactory system and can bring around beautiful, comforting, and happy memories. So, as well as being full of gorgeous healing properties, they can also just make us remember happy moments in our life. I just find that in itself is really special and of course great for our mental health.

As mentioned, essential oils do have healing properties and lavender is full of them! It has antidepressant, nervine, sedative, and tonic actions.

It can support the nervous system and many mental health disorders:

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Hypertension

· Insomnia


· Shock

· Nervous exhaustion

· Fatigue

· Nervous tension

· Stress

· Mood Swings

I’ve only mentioned lavender as part of our mental health, but it is also amazing in supporting the body. It’s great for bruises, insect bites, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, sprains, asthma, throat infections, cramps, colic, nausea, flu, muscle aches and pains. I’ve not even covered all the areas it can support you with. It is literally a wonder oil.

I recently spent a day at Norfolk Lavender, who grow and sell their own lavender. It was a dream come true, as aromatherapist to be surrounded by so many different varieties of lavender. I even took my dog, Robyn along with me.

My Love of Lavender collection has 5 products created around lavender and supporting people with their mental health. There are products to help with those times when you may feel overwhelmed, have a racing heart, or need to take a moment for yourself. There are also products to help you relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep. Head across to my shop to find the perfect product for you.

Love Kirsty x

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