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Make your own Lavender Rollerball

Lavender is one of the best essential oils for many stress related problems. It's list includes: Depression, PMT, insomnia, nervous tension and anxiety.

Lavender's actions include antidepressant, carminative, nervine and sedative making it a calming, soothing and relaxing essential oil.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to use lavender essential oil is in a rollerball. I'm going to show you how to make a beautiful lavender rollerball to use in times of need.

To make your own lavender rollerball you will need the following:

  1. A 10ml rollerball.

  2. 10mls of carrier oil. My favourites are calendula, jojoba or apricot kernel

  3. A good quality lavender essential oil

  4. A sprig of lavender. This is optional, but it does make your rollerball look pretty.

The lavender sprig is purely for aesthetics. Alternatively use an amber glass rollerball as it will help to protect your essential oil from the sun, making it last longer.

Add the sprig of lavender to your rollerball.

Add 5 drops of lavender to your carrier oil and mix.

Add the aromatic mixture to your rollerball, pop the rollerball top on and its ready to use.

You can use your lavender rollerball by applying it to your pulse points, such as those found on your wrists and neck.

It can be used to help you become relaxed and calm in stressful situations. Use before bed to help promote a good nights sleep. You can even use it on minor cuts and wounds!

For more tips, guides and how-to's you can also follow me on my Instagram via @sageandbellflower

If you do make your own rollerball, please comment on this blog or tag me into any photo's on Instagram.

Love Kirsty x

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