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Best Essential Oils for Mental Health

There are many essential oils which can support you with your mental health, but I’m going to share four of my favourites. They are my favourites as I tend to use them a lot or because they can support more than one mental health disorder.

First on my list is….

Bergamot: This citrus essential oil is fruity, but sweet, with a hint of spice to its aroma. It is one of the best essential oils in supporting the nervous system, thanks to both it’s uplifting and calming quality. It helps to ease anxiety, depression, stress, nervous tension and can calm agitation. Bergamot is best used as an inhalation, such as via a diffuser or inhaler.

The next essential oil is one of my favourites for meditating…

Frankincense: This calming oil, can slow down and deepen the breath, which is why it’s great to use during meditations. Thanks to its calming ability, it can help to support people who find it hard to “switch off”, who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. Frankincense can help to ease depression and support people who have had past traumatic experiences. It has a warm, rich, woody smell to it, and I personally feel calm as soon as I smell this gorgeous oil.

Third is the beautiful, floral oil….

Geranium: This sweet, rosy essential oil is much loved by aromatherapists. It has a particular affinity with the female system, thanks to its balancing properties. It is wonderful in supporting the hormones and therefore can be used for PMT. Due to its balancing element, it can help with the treatment of bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, mood swings and stress.

The last essential oil to make it to my top 4 is...

Grapefruit: If you could bottle happiness, then I’m sure it would smell like grapefruit. This uplifting, stimulating, citrus oil works wonders on the nervous system. Grapefruit can be used on people who suffer with seasonal defective disorder (SAD), depression, nervous exhaustion and it can support those of us who can be affected by thoughts spiralling. It is a beautiful oil and I highly recommend it.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram may know that I absolutely love lavender. I’ve simply left it off this list because I often talk about how amazing this essential oil is mentally. I’ve found people either love it or hate it (I’m often told it reminds people of moth balls!) but there is no disputing how this wonder oil can support many mental health disorders such as, anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, PMT, and many other stress related conditions. On an earlier blog post I show you how to make your very own lavender rollerball. To find out more just click here!

I have created 4 Mediation Mists, in which you can find many of the oils I discuss in this post. My Meditation Mists can also be used as a room spray and on your yoga mat. They are perfect to spritz around you prior to your meditations and during it to help you relax and get the most out of your meditations. You can find them and other gorgeous aromatherapy products in my shop.

Love Kirsty x

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