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Kindness Rocks!

Beginning on the 17th January 2022 me and my dog Robyn began our week long MINDfulness walk around the Lincolnshire Wolds area.

I decided I wanted to try and raise some money for Mind Charity. I’ve met many people over the years who have struggled with mental health, and I wanted to try and do my bit to help.

I have struggled with mental health, and I have found that being out in nature helps my anxiety. Listening to the birds, seeing the sunshine through the trees, or breathing in fresh air. Slowly I feel my anxiety drift away. My love of nature prompted me to become an aromatherapist, so now everyday I get to work with the amazing plant power of essential oils.

Another idea I had was to leave some kindest rocks along my MINDfulness walk for people to find. I thought it would make people smile. If you have found one of the kindness rocks and you have found your way to my website, please do let me know. I would love to hear from you. You can send me an email via my contact page or find me over on my Instagram account @sageandbellflower. Please feel free to tag me in!

For more information on why I am trying to raise awareness and funds for Mind, please check out my Just Giving Page.

Lots of love

Kirsty x

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